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If you've come here to read the standard politician line about wanting to support mom, apple pie and the girl next door, you'll probably be disappointed.

I'm a little different.  I sit back and listen.  To you... to your neighbor... to experts... and try to figure out what's going on before I start mouthing off about having all the answers. Some of my friends tell me I look mad.  That I need to smile.  Sorry, my brow wrinkles when I'm, as my granddad used to say "studying" on things.  I'm not mad... just thinking. 

I want to represent YOUR best interest as well as your children and grandchildren and mine. That takes thinking through all angles.  Not letting the politicians snow you. And on the other hand not letting the loud voices scream down good ideas just because they are new.

I want to be sure that when someone asks me to spend a dollar, that dollar that comes out of your billfold or purse is something that I can sit in your living room and explain WHY "we" spent that dollar.  And spending your money just so people you'll never meet... people that can afford to pay their own way... can be entertained... is not a reason to spend YOUR money.

People that know me say I'm fairly intelligent, but I feel like there's a LOT I still don't know.  You'll hear me say "I don't know but I will find out". And I will help us all find out. 

I keep hearing that 100 or so people are moving to Nashville every day. But what concerns me is those people that are moving OUT! I hear people every day that say "I gave up. I got out. I just couldnt stand watching Metro destroy itself so I l moved to ________ ." I want to do my best to bring some thoughtful responsible decision making to the council and move forward to make Nashville the city that not only do people want to move to, but that those of us that are here, want to stay!

So talk to me. Call me. Send a message. Let me know what YOU think. THAT'S what's important here.

--Dan Meredith

Committee to Elect Dan Meredith
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